Hello everyone and welcome to TerrorMc!

TerrorMc is an new server developed and managed by myself and @Imperial. We have been working behind the scenes in recent months to develop this server from the ground up and we are excited to announce that the server is officially up and running.

We are very keen to gather as much feedback as early on as possible to make this server the best it can possibly be, so we would encourage you to sign up to our forums and post any suggestions you may have here.

We look forward to seeing you online and do hope that you will be telling your friends about us!

Stay tuned here for more updates as the map goes on.

• Custom Overworld/ Flat End
• Overworld 10k
• End 5k
• 1.7 TNT Mechanics
• Enhanced PVP
• Balanced Economy / Gui Shop
• Sand/Obsidian/Cobblestone Gen Buckets
• Obsidian takes 5 hits of TNT to break
• Custom Enchants
• Fixed cannoning
• ALL Unraidable blocks patched (enchant tables, beds, soul sand, ect)
• NO Lag
• 3x3 Fusion Pickaxes
• Enchanced growth rates on crops (wheat, cactus, cane, ect)

1st - $100 PayPal, $100 Buycraft
2nd - $50 PayPal, $75 Buycraft
3rd - $25 PayPal, $$50 Buycraft
4th - $50 Buycraft
5th - $25 Buycraft
6th - $25 Buycraft